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Aligning points in a line chart to repeating group cells

I have a horizontally-scrollable repeating group and I would like to display a line chart under it in which each data point is aligned to a specific cell above it.

Each point in the chart represents a value related to the cell in the repeating group so I would like to somehow find a way to graphically display their progression.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to do it directly, can anyone think of a way to hack around this?
Maybe by fiddling with the responsiveness settings?


My solution is instead of using scrolling use previous/next buttons that way when you press the button you can then setup a workflow to manipulate the corresponding chart in lock step.

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Thanks @john3!
How would you do that though? What do you mean by lock step?

Ah sorry I misunderstood. I think that’s too complicated and fine pixel alignment for what I was thinking. Have you tried to look for a better charting api that might do what you want?

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Unfortunately I don’t have the skills yet to create custom APIs… I had to work around the issue by designing my app differently.
Thanks for your help!

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