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Display a precise current cell in another repeating group


Situation: I have repeating group A, which has an infinite vertical scrolling style. I also have repeating group B, which its layout is a fixed number of cells (1 row, 1 column). Both repeating groups hold the same exact data source, or information.

In the same page, I would like to be able to click on a specific ‘current cell’ of repeating group A, and display that precise cell in repeating group B. Any idea on how can I make this to happen?

Thanks and regards,

@NigelG @AliFarahat

I am sure if i quite follow but can’t you have repeating group B in group and use the workflow to send data to the group?

Can you help out with an image showing what your trying to do

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Yes, as above, send the cell’s data to the repeating group B.

You might need to put the cell A elements in a group and run the on-click workflow from there.

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Thanks a lot to you both, it worked perfectly, but now I have another issue.

This what I did:

  1. Put repeating group A cell’s elements into one group, called A1.

  2. Put the whole repeating group B into a new group, called B1. Now repeating group B data source is ‘Parent’s group thing B1:converted to list’. And I left new group B1 data source in blank.

  3. So once the user clicks on group A1, the workflow displays ‘current cell’s thing repeating group A’ on group B1.

Till here everything works just fine, but before this I had two icons ("<", “>”) to show previous or next cell of repeating group B, now they are not working at all. What you would recommend me to do to solve this?

Thanks again, and sorry for bothering you both with this ‘mess’.

@NigelG, @AliFarahat

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Do you need them to be in groups ?

You should just be able to use a workflow action “display data” to set the single cell repeating group. (In fact you could do away with the repeating group I would have thought, just have a group ?).

Set this the cell’s thing … I don’t think you need to have the parent group ?

Then your previous / next should work fine. Again, I don’t think you would need the repeating group in a group.

@Nigel, you were right, but the prev/next still does not work.

I removed the parent group, in order to display the ‘current cell of the thing:converted to list’ of A directly on repeating group B, and it worked fine as you mentioned. However, the prev/next icon workflow still does not run.

I also tried to set the data source of repeating group B as ‘search for thing(no-constraints)’, but that did not make it work neither.

Additionally, I tried to use a simple group, instead of repeating group B. But when I tried to set its data source as’‘search for thing(no-constraints)’, it produces an issue. Since the data source of the group should be a list of the thing, and not a single one. Therefore, do not how else I can make it to display the next thing, which was the sole purpose of having the single-cell repeating group B.

Can you spot thru my explanations if I understood your msg wrong? Or do you have another idea to solve this prev/next action problem?

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