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All Data Types have disappeared (App Data is still intact)

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered this problem and might have suggestions.

My app has stopped displaying all the data types in the Data tab’s “Data Types” section (even the default Users), but is still displaying everything that I’ve made in the “App Data” section. So I’m able to add data types (the 1st time), but I can’t modify or delete them. I find this to be very strange because in another public App that I’m working on, the data types view is rendering just fine.

Here’s what it looks like:

And here’s how the data is still rendering in the App Data view – showing that the data types have not actually been deleted.

I’m wondering if this has to do with my using a VPN (I’m traveling in a country where I can’t access Bubble without using a VPN), and perhaps this somehow has something to do with it. Yesterday (day 1 in this country), the Data Types were rendering and updating normally, but now (day 2) they’ve disappeared from the view. There have otherwise been some small glitches with saving, but nothing that a refresh and re-do didn’t immediately solve.

I’d appreciate any feedback or help!

Fixed, was something with your specific app.

i’m having this same issue now too.

although it will show how many entries I have.


When you see like this, email us. Just a screenshot won’t help, as it’s obviously a glitch with your app, and if we don’t which app that is it’s hard to help.


Will do!