All pages showing black background?

All of my current pages (that don’t have a custom defined background color) are now showing a black background.

It’s on all the pages and across multiple apps, not just one.

I’ve checked everything I can and don’t seem to find what might be causing it.

Edit: This seems to only be happening in Chrome and Brave browsers. Everything is normal in Firefox, Opera, and Edge.

Edit #2: Disabling the Adobe Acrobat Chrome Extension fixed the problem.

It even randomly happens in the editor, in the ‘Search for new elements’ input field.


Any ideas?

I’m not seeing it. Do you have any browser extensions installed which might be causing an issue?

Im getting the same.
Also on many other bubble-native input fields such as the create new page - page name input field, create new custom state and editor comments

It looked to be the Adobe Acrobat extension in Chrome. When I disabled it, all went back to normal again.

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