ALL plugins are loaded on every page


Seems like ALL installed plugins are loaded for all pages, regardless if a plugin is USED on a page:

Is it not faster, cleaner and more efficient to only load plugins that are actually USED on a page?


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Some plugins load global scripts regardless of the use, other plugins load scripts only when an element is used in the page. Both functionality have a use case. It’s up to the plugin’s developer to choose what works better for its specific case.

Is there a way to tell a plugin to NOT load for certain pages? Or, is there no speed penalty for loading all these plugins on all pages?

It’s hard-coded in the plugin.

You should ask plugin author to modify the plugin to include script reference at the element level instead of at plugin level if possible.

Yes… but too many plugin authors don’t know why to choose one instead of another and more… that global (shared) script load on every page!


This is one of the many reasons why I use my own private plugins :upside_down_face:


@dorilama Flexing code on no-coders :sob:

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no-code is not about maximizing app speed, it’s more increasing development speed while reducing required resources.
An off the shelf plugin lets no-coders add a feature quickly to the app, of course there is a trade-off.
Loading unnecessary scripts has an impact on speed metrics and that can add up with multiple plugins. Usually it’s the first thing that gets the blame for slow performances because it’s the easiest thing to check, but a lot of times is not the main problem of a slow bubble app.


Or perhaps above-stated plugin authors should refrain from creating plugins…

The first thing is that Bubble need to improve plugin builder documentation.