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Allow a bubble user to login into wordpress

Does anyone now how I can have users in my bubble app login into a wordpress site without having to register again? I am using the bubble app as a primary portal and have a wordpress site where to need to be able to access stuff.

Hey @gaimed :wave:

Thanks for the post and cool idea. This is a popular topic on the forum and I believe there’s at least one plugin that can help with authentication between Bubble and wordpress.

I’d recommend giving those a look as starting points. Keep in mind that Bubble can act as an OAuth provider via api. So, you could always build out the authentication calls on Wordpresses side as a manual integration if you wanted.

And you’re always welcome to email us directly at [email protected] with any additional questions.

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I personally use JWT type authentification with an api call… You can send the user logins with api or send a jwt token, wordpress will reply with some login details.

First thing to know : Are you talking about or (self hosted)? To my knowledge, the plugins do not work with self hosted installations.

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