Allow our users to login with our wordpress credentials to bubble app

Hello everyone,

We are trying to build a robust web application on bubble. But the challenge we have right now is we have tons of existing members.

And we’re using WordPress user management right now. Is it possible to allow our members to login to their account on bubble app with their existing credentials from our website ? We are using self-hosted WordPress.

If possible then, how can we do that ?
Can anyone show me the steps for doing that ?

Any help will be appreciated! Thank you very much.

Yes, if WP can act as an OAUTH2 provider (and it can) then you can use this in the API connector then add it as “sign up with Social Network”.

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Thank you @NigelG, Can I do it with self-hosted WordPress ? Because I can see lot of resources mentioning Auth0 integration for But, I don’t see anyone representing self-hosted system.

Beyond my knowledge I am afraid.

WP OAuth Server (OAuth Authentication) – WordPress plugin | English (UK)


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