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Allow excluding fields from influencing "modified date"

In my app, I have things that contain a attribute called bookmark_counter

This counter is incremented whenever someone bookmarks the thing. The value is stored as an attribute and updated via a workflow whenever someone uses a bookmark button. An alternative to this approach would have been to calculate the value dynamically whenever it needs to be displayed via the :count function. This appraoch was not selected to avoid performance issues because the value is displayed and used for sorting in various places.

Desire: I would like to use the Modified Date as sorting value for a landing page that shows updated elements

Currently, the “Modified Date” of things works as follows:

  • When someone bookmarks the thing, the bookmark counter is updated. However, the actual thing was not really updated. It was just bookmarked. Because of this, using the Modified Date value is not a usable feature for any of these things.
  • Others have suggested to create a new field Modified Date Custom as part of my custom data type and update it manually via the workflow whenever I think it should be updated. I don’t think this is a good solution because it 1) requires me to create many workflow steps which impact performance and are tedious to consistently maintain and 2) the approach doesn’t work for fields that are updated using data binding

Idea for bubble extension: Allow users to exclude attributes from impacting built-in Modified Date

Could be done on data types view.