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Allow Extract with Regex to specify groups

Bubble’s Extract with Regex currently only returns the first item in the array, which is the “Full match” from the Regex. This works if your Regex is only looking to match.


Many useful regexes output the “extract” groups in subsequent parts of the array.


Please @team could you allow us to reference the parts of the returned “array”. I have tried to use item#2 etc after the extract, but it doesn’t work.

Thanks !


That would be awesome!


Hey Nigel, perhaps there was some other factor preventing this, for example if the item number was being altered by the next part of the expression?

A simple working example of extract with regex …

This url:extract with Regex:item #5
A regex of \w+ gives “bubbleapps”

Edit - I misread your post, I thought you meant you couldn’t access the output list.

I didn’t think I could. At least not Group 1. Am now confused :grin:

You are right, groups cant be referenced but a simply ‘full match’ allows fo ritme number to be selected. This is a Bubble limitation which took head bangs to conclude.

mishav is right using his example;

However Regex is not straight simple for all expressions and quite often we need grouping to extract what is required, its these groups that cannot be addressed with #item

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Do we have a solution to this now?

is there a way to access the regex groups? directly or by using a plugin or workaround?

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