Allow hyperlinks in plugin documentation fields

It would be super handy for both devs and end users if hyperlinks were allowed in the documentation fields of plugins. It would enable linking to external documentation and other relevant info (not unlike the “Reference” links within the Bubble editor itself).


Hey @Bubble engineers, any chance we could see this feature sometime soon?

Can we please have the ability to add hyperlinks to the “Documentation” input for plug-in action and element fields:

I understand there are security implications around allowing arbitrary HTML there, but being able to add a hyperlink (via BBCode or whatever) would dramatically improve the ability to create and maintain documentation. This would be super handy for plug-in developers and users (Bubble devs) alike. Plus, it’s just plain silly to have to publish a new version of a plugin simply to correct a typo or add additional info.

Pasting a hyperlink into the field is unworkable for at least a couple reasons (not to mention the fact that it would just be ugly):

  • The text can’t be selected and copied in the context of the Bubble properties editor.
  • And even if it could be selected to copy/paste, simply clicking a link is much more convenient.