Inline plug in documentation => Feature request or just no one cares?

Hi there,

I’m quite new here, testing plugins to see what can and can’t be done by Bubble and its extensions, and I’m frustrated by the poor if not non-existent documentation of most plugins.

Maybe they are supposed to be self explaining, but in most case it is not the case.

@BubbleTeam: I was wondering if plugin creators had the possibility to add exactly the same inline documentation as the one used by Bubble everywhere in the back office (you know, the magic “? => See reference” opening the documentation).

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It would make plugin adoption soooooooo much more easy for users.


Well-designed plug-ins will have documentation in the editor dialog (for input fields) and similarly in their actions, but there are also unused fields in the plugin editor for inline documentation of exposed states.

I always fill those in, but AFAICT, they are not used anywhere and so there’s no handy way in the editor to understand what an exposed state (output) represents.

All plugins also have a “support URL” and most of us point to a forum thread for that. (And for my own plugins I generally post tutorial vids there.)

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@keith if plugin creators posted detailed videos like you do, becoming proficient at using + plugins would be a treat! :slight_smile: Your videos are just GREAT, but not everyone knows how to/wants to spend the time to shoot & edit tutorials like you do and keep a perfect pace with a lovely tone! Fact is your plugins’ docs & videos are from what I’ve seen so far rather the exception than the rule.

I may be old school but I’m a “Read the instructions first” guy, and I appreciate when one doesn’t have to request help to understand how something is built. :slight_smile:

Then once again it’s maybe just me being too newbie to understand self-explainatory plugins.