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Allow use to set a default style

It would be nice to allow us to set a style to be the default style

For example, I delete the standard styles set by bubble, and then create my own and select which one to be the default.

Why would this be better than just editing the default styles?

When I am working on a specific page in the app that has a style that is used throughout the page, but is not the default setting for the entire app…I could set the style I want to use on that page extensively as the default style, and then when finished with that page, change my default style to another saved style.

Intuitively, I can understand why Bubble handles styles by elements. For better or for worse they give us a blank canvas on each page. No structure other than what we build there.

A visual programming language

Not a block building platform like most tools.

… my two cents

I am not saying to not use styles by elements. I think maybe I wasn’t clear in explaining my idea.

See the ‘default’ label in red, that signals that is the default style for a text element. So, whenever we draw out a new text element, it is by default set to that style.

In this screen shot, there are various other text element styles.

What I think would be helpful is that we can switch which of these text element styles would be the ‘default’ style, so that when we draw a new text element it is by default set to that style.

This would make it faster to build various pages, although slightly, every little bit counts towards a faster build, and if I had the ability to change which text style would be my default as I work on different pages, I’d have a bit faster build time.

By clicking “make this style the default for all new Texts” you establish whichever style you want as the default:

It works per element type. A default for all new texts, a default for all new buttons, etc etc


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Thank you…I had not seen that text - I was looking for something like a checkbox and didn’t focus to read that

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Thank you so much :+1:

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