Allow users to control element's Z-index

Under the Appearance tab of a Floating Group, change “Floating zindex” from “above elements” and “below elements” to an integer value.

This will be a huge improvement for single page apps!


I second that. We also need a native way to add CSS classes and not to mention things like 100vh as units


That would be great.
The ‘%’ option on heights and widths kinda does that but not quite. It usually has to be done by injecting custom CSS.

There are some plugins that let you assign classes and properties to elements. A native approach would be ideal though.

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I am going to start with an apology, I believe this is only available with the classify plugin. I had forgot that I added that. Here is the link to it. Its not native, but it’s pretty close. @AliFarahat , you can add custom CSS classes in the ID attribute input. Additionally, you can add an ID as well if you keep it outside the braces. The following code will add both class and ID appropriately:

{addClass: "yourCustomCssClass"} yourCustomID

How it looks in the editor:

The results in Chrome inspector:
Screenshot 2022-12-21 182125

Yes, we know this, and we always use it. But native is always better :grin: