Wow 50+ suggestions here for adding custom classes!

I was going to suggest adding the ability to add a CSS class to any given element, but thought I’d do a quick search first… wow, lots of other people already had the same idea!

This feels like one of the simplest changes to make with the biggest impact. This one feature would completely transform Bubble. The full power of CSS combined with Bubble would be unstoppable. The ability to re-skin the entire website by uploading a single file.

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Agreed. In the interim, the Classify plugin works fantastically to solve this issue.

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Uhh you’re overselling that. The most impactful change that Bubble could make would be to finish their half-assed implementation of an array-oriented language. You can use Action plugins (right now, today) to do exactly what you propose. That’s the only thing they’re (Action plugins) are good for and it’s NOT that interesting.

I could be wrong (but if I am, congrats on creating “Run JavaScript” for CSS - enjoy your free plugin install stats).

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Well, sure, there’s more impactful things they could do but classes feels like a low hanging win.

Unfortunately that plugin isn’t mine but I do use it here and there.

Pretty good. Now we just need to get rid of the style='' attributes on everything.