Allow users to edit multi line input

I am trying to allow users to edit multiline inputs. However the system seems to add the new information each time I press save. So instead a new clean edited paragraph, I am left with the new paragraph below the old paragraph. Workflow won’t allow me to delete the thing because it is incompatible. Help would be great!!

Can you share more about the situation, either using the forum_app (preferred), or some screenshots? Right now it’s a bit hard to help.

So what I am trying to do is let users input information. Then they can go back to the information later and edit it if needed. However the program is not allowing the user to edit over previous information. It just adds any new edits to the rest of the already saved content. So if a user inputs

“My name is Brad”

then goes back later to the input box and writes “My name is Brad Patrick” what comes out is

“My name is Brad My name is Brad Patrick”

Does this make sense?

That’s likely an issue with the way you’re setting the initial content of the input. Again, a screenshot would make things easier to help.

So as you can see in the screen shot I have a large box where users can enter information. What happens when the user wants to go back and enter more information or edit the information already up on the screen?


In your multi line input, you set the default value to the value you have stored on the database. That way you are editing what you had before.

So this is what is happening if I write text and then I save it and go back and edit it later. It adds the new text on to the old text. Did I set up the input wrong? How can I set up edit so it only shows the most recent text rather than piling up the old text.

Can you show us how the input field is set up ? So what the default is set to ?

If you look at the database, what is the field set to ? Is it the double or the single ?

hello! did you manage to figure it out?