Allow Users to Sign Documents Online

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a solution for the following scenario:

We want to offer users on our website (> 10.000 per month) the ability to sign documents online (with mousepad or touchscreen) without registering for any external account or anything. We would like to then print out these documents (with the signature on them) for further processing.

What tools could I use for this? I saw that there are solutions such as Docusign, Pandadoc, Skribble, Eversign etc. However, if I understand correctly these services are meant for customers to sign their own documents (or within their company) and they need registration, but I don’t see that they would offer the kind of service I need. Also, I am aware of the “Signature Pad Pro” plugin, but I am looking for an alternative here.

So basically I have two questions:

  1. What would be the most basic way to implement this, i.e. have a field where they can sign and then use their signature on my document?

  2. Do you guys know any provider that offers a solution/API for this kind of use-case?

Thanks! :smile:

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This is fresh from the oven from @nocodeventure


Hi @cmarchan, may I ask if you have personal experience with this new plugin?
Thank you,

I actually do not Marcus. I was just sharing information. If it came across as a recommendation, I apologize.

No worries. Thanks for the reply.

I used it myself for a live project and it works great. You can check more on Signrequest on their website.

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