Save a newly signed document into the database

I recently acquired a new plugin (signature pad pro) to sign my documents, this plugin enables me to show a signature above the pdf document but I would like the newly signed document to replace the not signed one in my database.
Do you know how I could fuse the signature and the document please ?

Thank you for you help !

just curious - were you able to figure this one out? I’m looking to do something similar.

After a user signs shows the sig nature in the doc and convert the page into a pdf and save that.

Sadly not yet

I tried that, but when the document has multiple pages it does not work, I am using the plug in Documents viewer to show my document.
Any advice @chris.williamson1996 please ?

Hi Alix, just checking in to see how your document signing efforts are going?

Hi Marcus,
Sadly it is still impossible as we can’t show a PDF outside an iframe but once we can it’ll be easy to create it !
I have asked an admin about it and it is now in the “Bubble Editor Ideas and Suggestions”.
Hope they’ll integrate it fast !
I’ll keep you updated if you want.
Kind regards,