Allowing custom content-types on “Return data from API”

Hi everyone,

We’re releasing a new feature that will allow you to add custom content-types when using the “Return data from API” action. Thanks @zoe1 for shipping this new feature!

Previously, you were only allowed to use “Plain text” or “Structured JSON” as the content-type. When you select “Other content-type,” you can enter in the desired content-type (ex. JSON, XML) as a text in the “Custom type” field, as well as the body you’d like to return (in the format of that content-type) in the freeform text box below. Consequently, your app can send data to API’s using this custom content-type.

Here’s an example:



To learn more, please refer to this documentation!


that’s a good one

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Wowww! :raised_hands: @Bubble is on a roll with new updates :fire:


This is going to make fb catalog creation so easy with XML🙌


YESS!! THANK YOU @grace.hong and @zoe1

This almost makes me want to never leave Bubble. lol



:smiley: :+1:

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Wow, I finally got a badge I’ve been hunting.


This looks great

Is there an indication when we can return data from an api workflow? Rather than using the workaround of connecting to the api workflow through the api connector


We’re working on a project to return data from custom events, so eventually yes, you’d be able to return data to be used in other places on your app without the workaround of connecting your own app via the API connector.


Yes please, 1000x yes, pretty please.

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Hell yeah. Been waiting for this!

Oh yeah!

This is a super handy feature! Thank you @zoe1 and the Bubble team :pray:t3:

Still hurting from the pricing changes, but custom content-types and telling us you are working on returning data from custom events? Thanks Bubble!

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Gosh, if the main Bubble interface weren’t busted on Chrome right now, I’d really be impressed. This is an interesting development that I can’t really explore at the moment.

The bigger unsolved problem of this, of course, is how to return arbitrary objects from this mechanism or the plugin API to Bubble, but it’s a tantalizing taste of that.

Why not just let @zoe1 have at those issues for the next week or so?

(Note to fans: I’ve literally run out of runway with Bubble and will be making major changes to my interaction with the platform in the coming days. Last chance to get Floppy at a discount. Last chance for other things, too.)


Oh man, sounds like another devastating announcement.

:hushed: does it also concern the price of the subscriptions? do I have to buy or continue to pay the subscription?

This is a big need in my opinion! Hope this comes live soon!

Great stuff Grace! Hope it comes out soon! :smiley:

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