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Allowing duplicates in a list of things

Within the User data set, I set up two lists of things so that users can input dates and times that they are available. The workflow takes the date input and adds it to the Date list of things and then takes the time and adds it into the Time list of things. However, if the date or time value already exists in the data set, then the workflow fails to create a new entry - is there a way to prevent this?

Essentially, if the user enters 6pm twice, I want two separate entries to show up.

It’s on our list to enable this, but we don’t have this indeed (for a few reasons). That’ll change soon.

Any suggestions on how to allow Users to dynamically enter times they are available besides creating 10 different fields within the User Type that all need to be moved up once a date is booked/expired?

Here’s one way to do it:

  1. Create a list of dates on the user
  2. Save the data from a Time input set to “Date&Time” (captures both at once) in the list above
  3. You can now retrieve it.

In other words, only use one list, not two, and that removes the need to have duplicate dates and times.

Hello, @emmanuel is there currently a way to add duplicates to a list? I can not see further posts on this topic, and can not figure out how to do so. Thank you very much :slight_smile: