Adding the same record to a list multiple times (bug?)

I can not add the same recored to a list multiple times, is this expected behaviour or is it a bug?

I remember that we had to add a condition like “doesn’t contains current cells thing” to PREVENT lists containing the same record multiple times. In the editor and the data tab, it is possible to add the same item multiple times, to the same list.


You cannot add the same item multiple time in a list in DB. The item is already there. This is expected behavior.

Maybe a workaround is to put the unique ID into a list of text type field. Not sure if this will work but you can test.


I’ve already tried that.

So what is this operation for?

This is in front end. Not the same thing. You can do a search : merged with do another search:unique item to remove duplicate from the search. But in DB, only one thing can be added to a list.

Well, I couldn’t think that far… :upside_down_face: Thank you for your clarification!

But I still can’t get my head around why it’s possible in the editor?