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Almost done w/ app, need 1 more feature

So my app is creating a basketball practice plan. When you click dropdowns, it populates a repeating group with the drills and their descriptions. Like below:

I also have input boxes where you can decide how long you want each drill to last.

Now - my hangup.

When I click save practice plan - how can I get the data to save (possibly to a new page) where it’s just the rows of practice drills w/ their descriptions and how long each drill should last (as text). I want this to be clean because I then want that new page created to save as a PDF. I’m just not sure how to get the data from the repeating group to populate on a new page. The data in the repeating group is a custom state.

Any help on this would be awesome!

Here’s my app:


Bumping this to see if anyone has any thoughts? Still struggling with this.


Try sending the pertinent data from the repeating group to the new page?

That’s where I’m struggling. What would the logic be to accomplish that?

So basically, you have this structure?



Bubble’s default user fields.

Correct! I don’t even have any of the team stuff. Basically just drillname, description, and minutes.

Ok, so in the repeating group, you’ve set the type of content. you’ve also set up the datasource.
(my example uses destinations, but it's the same structure)

Then you have the current user, etc.


  1. click save
  2. put data into database
  3. go to page

here’s how you send the data:

This is for passing values via url,
You could have the second page take the :last item recorded in the database as the datasource.

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