(Almost) Vegan - helping you get more plant-based meals on your weekly menu

Hi folks,

Just wanted to share a little project I’ve been working on called (Almost) Vegan - a vegetarian meal planning web app built using Bubble and a few freely available tools - to help people get more plant-based meals on their weekly menu.

Check out the (Almost) Vegan app here.

I’ve also just published an article on Mind The Product detailing the exact steps I took to build it (including links to all the APIs and SDKs I used). Hopefully it’s useful for you FoodTech lovers.

See how I built it here.

Your feedback is appreciated as ever.


P.S. If you’re interested in sharing your story and would like help writing something, get in touch. I’ve started interviewing other no and low code creators & founders to do just that.


Hello there;

Looks nice. Congratulations.

A small change might be good for people with low memory.

In dropdowns, you can also use a title instead of a placeholder or reset the relevant data. After using the dropdown options, when I click on the logo and return to the “create meal plan” page, I have no idea what number I chose for what.


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Good shout, thanks Eren

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