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Free Food / Restaurant template

Hi all,

We developed a food / resturant template so that anyone working for the food business can get it and customise it quickly. Any feedback or ideas welcome :slight_smile:

Here it is :


Hi nice template where can i get it? i cant find it in

Hi @dahir

I would be happy to make it avialblae except I could not find clear instructions on how to list it. Let me try to ask fellow bublers.

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Any update on this template? I would love to try and use it. Thanks!

Thanks @jamesonvparker . Just sent you a message with the latest link.

Hi @Prashant - I wasn’t able to look at your template (I’d need a username and password), and I’m curious to see your work. Can I have a demo of it? (and Thank You in advance)

hey guys. I just joined the forum recently and I don’t have a lot of experience with coding but I am working as a marketing manager for a restaurant equipment company and we are planning to introduce an app for the owners. We have a large selection of commercial kitchen equpment from grills and counter-top appliances to fridges and washing machines. What we would like is create an app with easy access to the website and a user friendly interface that will allow our potential customers access to view and purchase things directly from their app and not the website. any suggestions on what i should be on the look out for?

Welcome on the forum. First advice would be not to bump topics from almost 2 years ago.

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Good afternoon, I couldn’t download the file, as I do, thanks.