Alphabet Complete #AvatarProfile Bug Report

This is a support request regarding the plugin [Alphabet Complete #AvatarProfile] - @vnihoul77

Hi, I’ve just noticed that the text displayed on the Avatar profile is now offset.
It was centred yesterday, but changed today. It has even changed on the demo page.


Good morning @rory.mulligan

I am really sorry for the inconvenience. My team just looked into it and it seems like it comes from the way Bubble handle SVG files, which appears to have suddenly changed.

I just reached out to Bubble and I am waiting for their answer. I will keep you updated.

In the meantime, a quick fix is to set the “format” setting of the plugin to “png” instead of “svg”.

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Thanks for the quick reply and quick fix.
BTW, you’ve built a great plugin. It’s the best avatar plugin for Bubble.

Really appreciate it!
Feel free to reach out if you need the plugin for another app, I’ll be happy to give you a free copy!

We’re always up for new plugin ideas or feedback if you have some :slight_smile:

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Hey @vnihoul77 did Bubble ever get back to you? I’m seeing the same issue with SVGs.

Hi :smiley:
They did got back to me, it seems like a bug on their end, here’s what they said:

I appears the behavior that you reported is due to a change in the way images are processed with imgix. The way to recover the previous behavior is to pass “?ignore_imgix=true” in the source of the svgs in question.

Thanks for your patience while I’ve been checking with our engineers regarding this behavior. The behavior you observed is more consistent with how images are handled throughout Bubble. With few exceptions, every image goes through imgix by default. The behavior was implemented with anti-abuse/security concerns and platform consistency in mind. There are some vulnerabilities that involve svg links which this behavior helps to mitigate.

I don’t believe we’re likely to change the behavior in the near future, but I have escalated this topic to our engineers to investigate further. We may be able to read the type of the image without it being part of the extension (using the content-type headers) but it is less efficient in our logic and probably has some other drawbacks. Our engineers will need some time to asses the overall impact of changing this behavior throughout the platform.

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention and apologize for the limited support I can offer at this time. A member of our success team or one of our engineers will reach out if we have any questions as we investigate this topic further.

What does it mean?

  • You can still use the plugin using PNG images, they shouldn’t be affected.

  • You should be able to use the SVG files using the following logic: use the resulting image from the plugin and add the suffix :saved to S3, and set a custom file name including .svg.

Let me know if that works, sorry for the inconvenience.
If you could, submit a bug report so maybe they can evaluate properly the number of people impacted by the bug. :thinking:


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