Alternative for Mass Creation of Things?

Hello, I have a scenario where an input field can decide how many data entries to be made. It’s basically like empty slots that users can hold and their manager which is also another user can do this for them. I need to create data things that have some prefilled fields but other fields empty and ready to be filled in. Is there any other way to manage this without a Backend Workflow? As it consumes LOTS of units when this is done in big quantity. I also may want to delete in mass later on using the same input field.

Bulk create things through data API

I would use the data api and potentially an edge/cloud function (if possible) to handle any data transformations as it will be pennies on the dollar compared to doing it in bubble. After it’s transformed as needed push it into the /bulk endpoint of your data api like @georgecollier suggested.

You can create 1000 records per push and it is very quick. Will still cost Wu, just less Wu.

@georgecollier and @jared.gibb thanks a lot for this tip! I know you’ve mentioned “less wu” but is it gonna make like an actual difference? or the difference in wu is closer to none?

I’m definitely going to look into that!