Optimize: "Create a Thing Speed from API POST"


i have a big Problem with the Speed of the “Create a Thing” in bubble.
In my App I get the things or infos via bulk API and than it takes approx. 150 rows in 2minutes…

Target is to have it created in 2-5 seconds or similar!
Ping me if you have any idea how to solve that. We are open for all options re. DataFlow.



Thinking about options:

  1. Use: Data API - Bubble Docs
  2. Pre create stuff using a continuous backend process.
  3. Rethink the structure of need to create stuff at all - sometimes there are ways to create only the actual records in use and not, say, empty appointments in a list.
  4. Store stuff in a different way and use Regex or JSON so read/edit.

Best, Peter