Alternative ways to autobinding to to save form progress?


I have a 2-step form which is regularly being filled with an hour gap between the first and second step of the form. When users come back to fill the second part of the form, I want them to see the form just as they left it. They sometime refresh the page. Other times they start it from their PC and continue from their mobile device

Today we solve this by using google forms. Google forms enable refreshing the page, or enter from another device (with the same google account) and get the form exactly how I “left” it before - that’s the result I look for

Any advice?
I read about the Autobinding option. If I understand correctly it can save the input live so the information is not lost, but upon refreshing the form all fields will be empty - right?


Not if you keep a reference to the form in the URL… (or you can just relate it to the Current User)

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