Incomplete Forms - Making Changes to a Thing vs Autobinding


I have a 6 question form that saves all 6 inputs to the database via a “make new thing” workflow on the 6th question’s “submit” button. This is great but, just for fun, I’d like to make it more complicated.

I’d like the form to save and update the thing in my database on every question (if the user does not complete the entire form, I still want the data from the first few questions). I’ve tried doing this with a “make changes to a thing” workflow but it is not saving to the database…I’ve also experimented with autobinding but no luck there either…any ideas?

Thank you!


Is any input marked should not be empty?

No, that box is not checked. The thing I am trying to change is called a “lead” and there are 6 fields that should be completed/updated. I have had initial content set to “parent groups lead” and also tried “current pages lead” … no luck with either. Is there a way to have initial content set to “current users lead”?

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