Alternatives for "No Results Found"

Hey everyone,

I have multiple repeating groups in my app that can be filtered heavily so that the user can find the results they need. I have groups/texts that are visible when the repeating groups’ list of things count is 0. It’s to tell the user that no results were found.

However, this method is extremely expensive WU-wise, because it’s calculating it every single time a new filter is applied. The filters are applied using mostly page loads and url parameters.

Do you guys have any alternatives before I decide to scrap the entire thing and let the user just see a blank page? This WU situation is getting out of hand, seriously.

Thank you in advance,

First thing I made after Bubble announced new pricing model and WU concept - switched all filtering “on-the-fly” (new search as soon as new filter is chosen by a user) to “on-demand” (when user chooses all filters and then clicks a button to apply them). Otherwise, data fetching will consume enormous volume of WU…

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