Alternatives to the native file uploader

I have found the file management system on Bubble to be critically limited. These are the problems I have had so far and have not had any luck looking on the forum.

  • Can not make files private after they have been uploaded
  • Can not attach files to a thing that doesn’t already exist
  • Can not bulk delete files
  • Can not do a search for files in a repeating group

What are the possible alternatives to the native file uploader, and would using an alternative solve any of these problems?

These issues extremely limit the scalability of file heavy apps on Bubble so I am hoping to find a solution before I am in too deep.


Bumping this. I also noticed that if a user goes to upload a file via the File Uploader dropzone, it will automatically upload the file (aka, taking up storage) even if the user doesn’t go through with clicking an “Upload” button and filing it into the database.

This seems like a major issue. Files shouldn’t be actually uploaded to storage until the user clicks Upload. Dropzone files should necessarily be temp files that go away automatically if the page is left or X’d out of.

@JeffT any help on this?