How do you use (or not) bubble's file manager?

Hi all,
I’ts great that bubble offer an integrated file manager hooked to AWS S3 with a bunch of storage included in their offer.

However, I’m really struggling to use it in an efficient manner and especially when a project scales up.

For example, there’s no native way to handle new version of a same file? So if we change a picture we need to update all the elements that used the old picture with the url of the new one instead of changing the file hosted at the same url?

The file/image uploader directly saves a file to the DB event if the record we want to associate the picture to hasn’t been created yet, or sometimes won’t be created at all…

Can we clean-up, standardise the files names and format before they’re saved?

So many questions like these…

How do you guys do it? Custom logic on top of native features ? Custom HTML/JS ? Plugins ?
Thanks for your help!