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Always get date of monday/tuesday/wednesday of the current week

Hey community,

I am working on a app which displays all days of the week on the main screen. The order should be:

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

Now I need the date of these days. I have the current time function, but I can’t say: “Select date of monday of the current week”. Is their any workaround to his?

Best regards,


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Can’t you use the calendar plugin for this?

I just tried and I dont think so. From a functionality perspective the app is supposed to look somehow like this:

The picture and all the actions following now have to relate to the date. Meaning I have to have a field somewhere which relates to the date in order to create a unique ID. In the calender function I am not really able to call the monday date, am I?

Lets say I want to create a unique ID = Usersmail,Date

You could have a date control table that has the days and dates.

Then schedule a workflow to run to update on Sunday.