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Create a Dropdown for the days of the week (Monday, Tuesday etc.) that stores each input as a Date


I’m looking to figure out how to create a dropdown that will store the days of the week and when a user selects a day (ex: Wednesday) , it saves as a date (The upcoming Wednesday’s date, ex: 9/20/23) and the associated event happens again every 7 days, so in other words every Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone in advance who is able to help out!

What have you tried so far? Do you have an option set with weekdays?

I’ve attempted an option set but was having difficulty in getting it to connect to the date on the backend.

Currently I attempted to generate a list of dates using a plugin and I have it just living on the page (see image attached). And I’m trying to get that to be the data source for the dropdown, but when I format it to just display the day (ex: Monday), it converts the entry into text and not a date.

This method appears to be working, the only thing now that would just be nice to do is reformat the front end, but I was able to use this functionality to set up the entire flow.

Solved, just used the date and time picker (facepalm), thank you for trying to help though!