Am I getting mad? Rich text input value automatically remove new line when saving to the database

Maybe I am stupid but since a few days this workflow broke:

I have a rich text input in a page and a button

When the button is pressed the following workflow execute:

“Make changes to a thing … using rich text input’s value” → “reset the rich text input” (which has as the initial input that thing)

SOMEHOW sometimes when I click the button it saves the content of the rich text input removing the new line. So everything is attached


This is a phrase
with a line break


This is a phrasewith a line break.

Is it just for me or even with you? Thanks

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Hi there, @hoke… I just did a quick test, and I am not seeing the behavior you described. So, if you are sure you are not doing anything to remove the line break, it is probably worth submitting a bug report so Bubble support can take a look at your app.


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