Line Break - Rich text input vs Text

Ok I am having issues figuring this out and my HTML is not strong…

I want to have a user entry added to the database from a rich text editor

In the workflow, to this text I want to add two line breaks and then followed by more text - a unique ID.

This text is then displayed later as one. both in a rich text editor input and also as Viewable text

However I am having trouble with the two line breaks…

Using br><br “>” achieves what I want in the rich text but not the text

br code
Rich text input display result
br rich
Text display result
br text

using [tr][td][/tr][td/][tr][td][/tr][td/] achieves what i want in the text but not in the rich text
tr code
Text display result
tr td text
Rich text input display result
tr td rich

I feel like I am making this complicated and I should just be able to add a return like you would any other text (is it that simple - I cant figure it out), any help would be much appreciated

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