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Amazon Advertising API, struggle to retrieve report

I need an experienced freelancer. Someone who worked with Amazon Advertising API

I’ve managed to

  1. Request Report
  2. Get the Report via Report_id from the 1st call.

I’ve got URL “location” to download the report.

I don’t know how to use that URL.

I’ve tried to refer to it directly:

Use it in API call:

What Amazon says:

I’ve never actually worked with Amazon API, but a couple things are worth noting / emphasizing from your screenshots:

  • The request to download the file must be made within 30 seconds of receiving the 307 redirect response, since the download URLs are short-lived.

  • The request to download the file must have the authorization header and only the authorization header - i.e. the request shouldn’t contain multiple means of authentication.


@vovahumnytskiy Did you ever figure this out?