Amazon S3 "403 Forbidden" for Some Image Files

Hi all,

I’ve been [mostly] away from Bubble for nearly a month, and upon checking my demos now, I find that some images don’t display. For example, this page on my demo blog is an example. The image doesn’t show, and the following 403 error appears in the console…

And here is a direct link to the master image on Amazon’s servers (as opposed to the Imgix copy).

I’m certain these images were all working, and I’ve not touched the app since. Anyone have any idea what might be going on?

EDIT: I guess I should add that the 403 images don’t appear in the File Manager either (but I guess that makes sense if they’re inaccessible).

I got the same. You have to put back all images again.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, @JohnMark. So has this issue been confirmed by Bubble? I couldn’t find any recent references to it.

I ask because I’m currently working on an image-intensive app where users have their own galleries. This would be disastrous if I had to ask all users of my platform to re-upload even a portion of their galleries.

The fact that it’s a 403 and not a 404 suggests that the image file is actually there but that the permissions are not correct.

@Bubble, can you comment? Is re-uploading the images actually necessary? Has the cause of the issue been identified?

@sudsy Please submit a bug report as this is not yet a confirmed issue

Thanks, @neerja. Will do!

@neerja, as you suggested, I submitted a bug report and received conformation about a week ago. Just curious if there’s any update on this issue.

Seems like a big deal to me that user-uploaded images simply became inaccessible for no apparent reason. I haven’t been more vocal only because my app isn’t live yet, but I’d really like to know the status of this issue, if possible. Thanks much.

@sudsy No updates yet as our engineering team is unable to reproduce the issue. However we can certainly see the issue in your app from the bug report.

Ok, thanks. I certainly understand the value of being able to reproduce an issue. I wish I could help in that regard, but unfortunately, I literally did nothing to cause it.

At this point, should I go ahead and re-upload the images, or would you guys prefer I leave it as is?

@sudsy Thanks, you can replace. We have noted a broken s3 link for tracking in backend logs.

Actually, no I can’t! @neerja, there seems to be something awry here. I just tried updating the missing images (now 4 of them) via the Data section, and the changes to images won’t stick.

When I’m editing a record, I can upload a new image, and its thumbnail appears. However, when I click the Save button, the image does NOT appear in the list; nor does it show up when previewing the app. There’s seems to be a permissions issue with Amazon S3. I can successfully edit and save changes to other fields - just not images.

Should I submit another bug report?

(p.s. It would sure be nice to have a more transparent issue tracker, like Github issues, so that additional detail and discussion could be added and so that users could see the status of various issues.)

@sudsy A new bug report will be helpful. There might be something with ‘private files’ perhaps but our team will investigate.

There are no private files. When I select “Only private files” in the File manager and click Search, no files are listed.

Also, can anyone explain the User ID of “edit_mode” as shown below? It seems very odd, and I suspect it’s related to this bug…

@neerja, can you PM me the email address of someone whom I can make a collaborator on the project so that they can edit the project and reproduce the issue? Thanks.

Ok, so I learned that it means just what it says - i.e. that the image was added directly from the editor instead of in runtime mode (by a user logged into the app). Thus, it has nothing to do with the bug.

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