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amCharts plugin [Premium now Live]

hi @roc27583 and others waiting on aggregation tools… I created this quick example for another thread on the forum to show the options that you have here.

Descriptions included, but basically the first one stacks the Transactions by Buyer - but still uses Sum aggregation as some buyers conducted multiple transactions on the same day. Also shown in the first chart is Average aggregation of a Lead Time value that is attributed to each Transaction.

Second chart is similar but this time I have ignored who the Buyer was and just Summed all Transactions for the period. I have also used the Plugin to generate a Cumulative value of Transactions over time.


Hey @edwardbutcher,

Fantastic. How can I test? How can I get this if its ‘premium’ … ?

I am super keen to get in an try this out.

You are doing such a good Job, I cant wait until the paid version is out.

This is right on target for my use case. Is it available now?

@edwardbutcher has the Bubble team given any ballpark timing on paid plugins release, or is this still in “we’re thinking about it” status?

Seems to be a lot of interest (myself included), if release horizon is long maybe a creative interim solution is possible…sell via Stripe on your own; give premium away for free to early adopters with a time-bombed license expiry date that would require us to come back and pay to unlock when Bubble listing is available; etc.

We’re hoping to release this before winter

Ok thanks @emmanuel that’s good to know.
@djwideman and others - knowing that I will sell via Stripe on my own until the Bubble upgrade. Will pull something together when back from holidays in 10 days and post it in this thread once live.


Very excited about all of this, great work! Happy to pay via Stripe once you are ready since I have been looking for aggregation.

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Hey @edwardbutcher! Just curious if there were any updates on this. I’d definitely be interested in a tutorial on the amCharts plugin too - there are a ton of settings in the plugin and it’s a little overwhelming. Thanks!!

hi @jordan.shotwell - back from holidays and working on this tonight :slight_smile: the micro-site for the plugin has a bunch of videos to support with its use including an overview of the settings video.

Live in next few days

Okay cool, so all that will be on the micro-site then? Can we pay you for the premium plugin on there as well?

Yes micro-site has learning, overview and payment sections

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Awesome, super excited for this!

Premium plugin is now live via this micro-site and priced at $12 - checkout can be found on the site along with an updated library of sample charts plus video tutorials for each.

For anyone building date-based charts, note that the formatting needed for dates has changed from MM/DD/YYY to YYYY MM DD. Watch the 'Using date data’ video for more information… this change is live now in Premium and will be in the next update of Free - released this week. Existing charts will continue to work - but update when you can as the old format can cause errors.


I purchased the plugin but why change date format?

As even default (creation date/modified date) is in previous format.

Hey the previous date format caused issues when building out time-based charts - particularly when dates span more than one year, or when the script looks to group and merge items from the same day. This is because the Bubble default format doesn’t mesh all that well with amCharts.js or the moment.js libraries… both used by the plugin.

Both this new format and the previous format needed you to add :Formatted as at the end of your date searches - so the only change to the process is the format that you specify as your required format: YYYY MM DD. So no issues with getting creation or modified date searches returned in the right format.

@edwardbutcher for aggregation in the premium version, is it required to have a number field (eg amount) on the data type I’m using for plotting values? For example, if I wanted to build a chart that counts page views over time, and the page view data type doesn’t have a “count” field set to “1” for each record, is there an option to set the Bubble data grouping mode to “count”? The goal being I just want the chart to sum the count of page view entries that occurred on the given date, without needing to set an extra field value within the data type.

Currently there is no count option, and the Values searches need to return numerical results… i.e. must be pointed at a Number field on an object. Right now, your suggestion of a field containing a value would be the only way forward… although this can be achieved without workflows by setting a Default value of 1 to the field.

It’s likely that we’ll build this in for a future release - although it would be a workaround of some of the current limitations of the plugin… so may see if Bubble open up some of the capabilities seen in their own plugins to other developers (in this case that would be allowing the plugin to switch the Type of Thing expected in any given field… in the same way that you can change the Type of thing on a group / dropdown / rg etc.)

Makes sense. The default value workaround to avoid workflows is an easy enough go-forward plan for now.

Where is the option to disable amcharts branding?