amCharts plugin [Premium now Live]

Pleased to share this charting tool with the rest of Bubble users - initially something that I set off developing for my own use but gradually developed into something more shareable.

Visit the plugin micro-site here for chart samples and tutorials, an overview of features and the shopfront to buy the Premium version.

Both versions of the plugin are now live - a quick overview of features below:

Free - available for install now via the plugin browser

Pie, Column and Line charts
Two Series (Premium: increases to 8 Series)
Stacking mode for Column and Line charts
Supports time based charts
Wide range of editable appearance controls
Standard labels, balloon labels, and cross-hair cursor labels
Chart animations and 3D modes
Add zoomable scrollbar linked to a Series
Workflow Actions to Show / Hide Series
Interactive legends

Premium only - purchase via the micro-site linked above. Activation is within 24 hrs of purchase and will be visible in the normal plugin browser.

Data grouping and roll-up tools
Google Sheets integration - draw charts directly from Google data
Use a second vertical axis
Time interval data refresh
8 Series available
Export data modes - CSV, Excel


Great work

@emmanuel is there a timeline for these premium plugin payments? I can see this being an incentive for some to produce some great, high quality plugins down the line. People won’t pay for a plugin that doesn’t work after all.

We’re working on it.


Good job @exception-rambler! :slight_smile:
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Impressive work @exception-rambler!

I really need a chart plugin. I watched the column tutorial but as you say above, I need to wait for the date example. My use case is to plot number of Things created each day. Will that be possible?

Looks great! Does it do grouping too?

Great work! it’s a great alternative to Bubble’s charts. I’ll be looking forward to the premium version.

hi @vincent56 .
I have built some grouping / rollup functionality into the Premium version. There are some limitations to what we can do right now, but it should be useful for lots of applications.

For example, if you have lots of ‘Invoices’ from customers - some unique, some the same, it will be able to create a chart showing total value of Invoices, summarised by customer. Similarly, if had a multiple invoices being issued each day and wanted to create a chart that showed the sum of Invoices by day, it would be able to achieve that too.

It is also able to create averages and cumulative results. So if you want to show total Invoices issued over time (as a cumulative value) then it is able to do that.



hi @philledille
In short - yes, I think that the Premium version will support you to achieve that.

There are some reporting / rollup features built into it… you might need to make a change to how you structure your data to enable these to work in your case.

@exception-rambler any idea how much the premium plugin will cost?

Nice job man,

What about sum of invoices by month and sum of expenses by expense category?


@jordan.shotwell - it’s priced at $12
@ryanck - yes, both should be fine… making Bubble and amCharts talk about dates requires a workaround on your database, so as long as you implement that you should be good. I will provide a tutorial on that.

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Awesome! Have you heard anymore on timing for availability? I’d love to get this setup!

I have posted a few times @jordan.shotwell to find out - ‘working on it’ sounds as though it is somewhere around the top of the stack so likely not too long. Have always found Team Bubble to be really responsive when a bunch of users have needed something in the past - I’m hopeful!

Awesome thanks! Sounds like they may be releasing their own plugin in the near future too, hopefully they don’t duplicate all the hard work you did! :sunglasses:

I have added the date data tutorial above - make sure you’re using the latest version of the plugin (updates should have been pushed backwards but reinstall if you have any issues)

This obviously works best with some kind of rollup - i.e. totalling-by-day. You can use the method briefly described in the video (workflows and summary Things), or the paid-for version has grouping built in.


Thanks for building this. I have been waiting for aggregation in charts! I would be glad to pay for it! Aggregation from a data set that is pulled from an API is also something that would be great!! rather than building the query into the API call, if say, the API is limited.

YAY! Please take my money now. Where do I get this functionality!

Have not yet tried with API’s but gut feeling is that it should work fine… and that would include aggregation etc. as well. Will test it out at some point…