'An input's value is changed' isn't working

I have a workflow set up to run when a multiline input changes, but it isn’t running when changes are being made.

If I copy the same workflow to run every 5 seconds then the actions are happening perfectly.

How can it be that I am entering/changing text in the multiline input and yet it isn’t triggering the ‘An input’s value is changed’ workflow?

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Is it running when you do some changes then click outside of the input?


It is weird Vino as I’ve set exactly the same workflow up twice. One to be triggered if an input changes, and the second to run ever 2 seconds.

If I disable one and allow the other then …

The ‘every 2 second one’ works just fine every time, but the one that is supposed to run on changes doesn’t do a thing even if I click out and go to a different input field. Very strange.

Just wondering, from an overhead point of view might the ‘every 2 second’ workflow be more efficient, as if it is then I supposed I could just go with that one. What do you think?

Well, to achieve the input has changed for text, what I do is to use a free plugin called “Keystroke Input Trigger”. It works without the need to click outside the input, triggering whenever the user types a letter.
I don’t really use the “do every X seconds” event, I always go with other events that in my opinion make more sense from a user experience viewpoint.


What type of input is it? Input box?

Can you use the debug to step by step through?

I am having a similar issue. I have a pop-up with input boxes that store a user’s info, and when any of them are changed it is supposed to start a “this input has changed” workflow. It was working fine a few days ago but now it is only working after I change one specific input on the pop-up. If I don’t change that input 1st none of the other inputs will ever trigger their workflows.

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