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Value NOT changed


When I click ‘edit/create workflow’ for an input, it creates a workflow starting with “Input Type_a location here’s value is changed”. I’m looking to have a workflow for when value is NOT changed. I need this incase a user presses the return key with the old text, I’d like to do an aimation. I can see when value is not empty, but this is not the same condition and doesent work. At the moment I cannot create this “value is NOT changed” condition. Do I need to use variables to achieve this ?

  1. While here another Q. As the user enters a text and hits return key the page is scrolls to the bottom. I managed it somehow by having an unscroll step, but why is this unwanted scroll happening ?

If I read correctly, the condition you’re saying is: 1) User says they want to update something. 2)Then they don’t actually update anything. 3) They still click the button to submit (and run the workflow) to escape the action.

One of two things you might want to try:

  1. Disable the submit button unless a specified condition is satisfied. Ie. if InputA’s value is Current User’s Phone Number. (You could also set up some hidden or disappearing text on the page based on the condition).

  2. Have a workflow built for the sake of no data being updated. You can do so using the and when part of the workflow.

Not sure about your scrolling issue.

Hello Dan,

Thanks for your reponse with the pics ! Really appreciate it.

However you are suggesting to use a ‘submit’ button and perhaps this is my problem. I just have a “input” bar (Type a Location) as below and want the user’s to click the return key as opposed to clicking a submit button.


When the users enter a location in it and press enter it triggers the workflow as desired. However 1) when the user hits enter without a location or 2) when they leave the old value and repress enter it cannot be caught on a workflow. Image of deafult workflow below and this is where I would like to change from when value is changed to when value is NOT changed. But I can only create this deafult workflow of when value is changed.

When pressed a enter key either with new or old text, the page is scrolled to the bottom (this I can probably deal later)

Thankyou !