Analytics playbook for Bubble

It’s 2022 and we have great news for you :fire:

You don’t have to code to build an app anymore.
You don’t have to be an analyst to analyze it anymore.

I’m VERY EXCITED to announce that June partnered with Bubble to publish the first No-code Analytics playbook for Bubble on their blog!

With this playbook you can build products and analyze them without writing a single line of code.

We hope this inspires the no-code generation to leverage their user behaviour data from the get-go
Full playbook here: The no code product analytics playbook for Bubble

questions or thoughts I’m here to answer
hope you like it! :call_me_hand:


Just when I was finishing my mixpanel setup :laughing:, I guess it doesn’t hurts to give it a try as Mixpanel is tedious to configure in bubble’s side.

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Your second link doesn’t work :confused:

fixed! thanks a milli for letting me know :pray:

if you have any question happy to help :slight_smile: Segment integration is native so it should be a couple fo clicks only :smiley:

@enzo I’m knewbie so please excuse my question. Does this get around the front end data collection challenges the Mixpanel bubble plugin has? Or is data collected on the server side?