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Launched first no-code app Built with Bubble - Maverick Pack

Hi everyone,

Sharing my first no-code app: Maverick Pack

The service allows users to discuss, review, and discover hand-picked products for the digital nomad lifestyle. Looking for feedback and testers.

Huge thanks and shoutout for @levon in just one brief session was able to pick up all the understanding to build everything in this first version. I was amazed by how much functionality and customization I was able to get with a WISIWYG editor. Impressed with the integrations. Really glad I learned the platform.

On the improvement side: Mobile/responsive was frustrating. Data management. Latency. Documentation. Concerns about scalability (happy if I achieve this problem anyway).

Appreciate any feedback/suggestions/bugs!



Very nice, looks good even on my phone while browsing in bed. :slight_smile:

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Congrats Justin on launching a product!

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Looks pretty good even on mobile. Two things that I noticed:

Loading a new category takes pretty long and goes in three steps, first the name changes then the old thumbnail stretches, then the new product becomes visible. Perhaps you can somehow hide the elements until everything is loaded.

Comparing seems to still need some work? Would be great to have a checkbox on a product and compare products for which you checked the box .

Otherwise, well done. I like the branding too.

@vincent56 Thanks for the feedback! I have been trying to think about how to address the latency especially on mobile. I tried hiding things until page load, but still wasn’t a great experience. I’ll play around with that again.

Yes, Compare is for sure needing more work. I’ll likely need to provide a totally different experience there as you suggest, but haven’t figured it out yet.

Thanks again!

What about loading metadata in two repeating groups side by side that represent the items that you marked to compare? Clicking the ‘Compare’ button would load the repeating groups with the details of each item. something like that?

Congrats, Justin! good job :slight_smile:


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@vincent56 actually I really like that idea, thanks for the tip!