Animated dropdown

Hey, I was wondering how could I create an animated like dropdown? something like this:

It can be done.

Create a group. Put two groups inside of it. Setup workflows to animate the groups based on a conditional that is met.

Just set the custom durations to make the whole thing better

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 1.39.51 AM

animated drop


Funny, for the past 3 years I thought the animation based it’s position on the page dimensions to figure out where to start/finish when you slide it left and slide it right… I didn’t realize you could constrain the animation position to be based off the parent group dimensions… @boston85719 Thank you for the post!

Thanks, yet it’s not the same as this, but I could end up messing around with it until I get it.

Yeah, it is not the same as that. I wasn’t going to build the entire thing for you, instead I figured a quick example would be all that was needed to get you started.

Are you interested in a freelancer? I can create the exact dropdown you have linked to, but not for free as it would take more than the five minutes it took me to make the example for you.

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Terrific solution @boston85719. Bookmarking this to add to my toolbox. Thanks.

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No thank you, as I said I’m going to mess around with it. Once again thanks for the help.

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