Animated Leaderboard Idea

Hey everyone

When it comes to some fancier front end elements, does anyone know how one would go about creating something like the below for a realtime leaderboard-type repeating group?

I know this can be done manually by the user if they use drag and drop elements, but are there any plugins or tips on how to achieve the below example as soon as someone on the “leaderboard” moves up the ranks based on something changing in the database?


Thank you

GreenSock library?

DesignCourse has been playing around with it recently:

Hey @avolaunch, I’m new here. Did you ever figure out how to make this leaderboard function, that moves with real time data?

Hey @empackhq

It was for a solo project so I ended up leaving this feature as it was just a “nice-to-have”.

Having said that, if I was to do a pseudo solution around this in the interim, I’d maybe make the newly modified entries “flash” for a few seconds once they’ve changed. Their updated rank would make them move up/down the leaderboard and with some super manual colour changes (creating a flash-like effect), you would draw attention to the change.