[New plugin] Leader Line Between Elements

Hi everyone!

I just published a plugin that allows you to create an (animated) Leader Line between 2 elements! This line will be attached to these elements even when the page is resized. This plugin offers a lot of customization options.

:arrow_right: Demo page (editor is public): Leader Line Between Elements
:arrow_right: Plugin page: Leader Line Between Elements Plugin | Bubble


You can always reach out to me for questions, bug reports or feature requests!


That’s awesome! Congrats

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Hi @Thimo!

This is the type of plugin that you keep searching for a excuse to use. Beautiful!

Nice work.:facepunch:


Bro, this is exactly what I needed at the exact time I needed it. I do have an issue with it though. Does it not work on responsive pages? It draws the line at the top of the page. I tried it on a page that was not on the responsive engine, and works fine. Please let me know if I should do anything different, thank you.

I just realized that you demo is on a responsive page. So then, I dont know what the issue is :frowning:

Update: I created a new page and just one of the blocks where I intended to use this plugin, and it works. So not sure if one of my custom html elements is interfering with your plugin. I’ll try to debug later this weekend and let you know what it was. If I cant figure it out, ill also let you know. Awesome plugin, great job.

@razvan good to hear you got it working! Just a small note to help you debug, to draw a line between elements, these elements need to be visible on the page (elements need to be loaded). It could be that the elements on your page were not visible/not yet loaded and that could cause the line at the top :slight_smile:

This looks gorgeous… I’ve installed it for testing.

I am trying to use the plugin to create a decision tree between layers of a vertical repeating group where the items are linked together. I need these to be displayed by default as and when items are created and connected based on their linked attributes.

I am struggling to get this working - is there an easy way to achieve what I have designed in the attached image?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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@shaun This is possible, but it will be hard achieve. You will have to loop over (for example with the list shifter plugin) your list to connect the items with each other. But because the number of items in a row are not fixed, it will be even more difficult to achieve. Maybe you can look into another way to design something like this to make it less complex?

Thanks for the reply… I think it’s best to explore other options in that case then. :slight_smile:

Hello, love the plug in, but I’m having one problem. I initialize 5 leaders but when I try to hide them i get a residual line. see video and screenshots of my workflows. I hope you can help.



Sorry. I forgot screenshots.

@ruimluis7 Looking at your screenshots, it looks like you are only hiding 1 leader line. If you are creating 5 leader lines, you should also hide every line individually (so 5 ‘hide leader line’ workflow actions). Does that make sense?

It does. Do I fill out individual leader ID values manually (1-5) in the Hide workflow?

@ruimluis7 Yes, I would recommend to save the ID after the leader line is created and use that to hide the line. You can for example save it to a state :slight_smile:

Is the Leader ID a number type?

@ruimluis7 Yes it is a Number :slight_smile:

Hi @shaun
I have the same need as yours.
Please, did you solve it?

Thank You!

I never was able to hide them individually, so I just hide all and the recreate them.

I don’t have time to explore it any further now but will circle back to Thimo some time in the future to solve it.


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Hi Thimo, really cool plugin – any plans to make this repeating group friendly in the near future?