Animated unDraw Illustrations to use for your project

Hi Bubblers!

I just deployed a new plugin for cool animated Illustrations to use in your projects, here is the link: Animated unDraw Plugin | Bubble

And here is the Project Page so you can see what the Illustrations look like:


I would love to hear your thoughts about this and if you would like more animated Illustrations like this - let me know:)

All the best,


Forgot to say: They are all in svg - pixel perfect and rescalable and are as easy to implement as any other icon in bubble :sunglasses:


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Great job! Hope you get great success with this site.

Thanks @GregoryKing :+1:

Don’t we need a license to re-distribute unDraw illustrations?
Can I animate them and distribute them too?

That was why i had to take down my other plugin which had more of animated undraw illustrations :grin: