New Plugin - Animated Icons

Hi Bubblers :wave: tired of boring static icons?

I just published a new plugin called “animated Icons” :partying_face:

Have a look at this page for more infos:

Hope you like it :sunglasses:


Beautiful! Great work. :+1::blush:


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Thanks @solinz

Very nice!

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Can you show an editor example of how it works? I must be doing something wrong. It doesn’t seem to be working for some reason. It is supposed to be a down arrow bouncing.

It shows in the editor but not the preview:

And we really need to have a way to search the icons by typing instead of scrolling forever. Is there a way to make that happen? :blush:

This is going to be really cool once the bugs are squished out of it. :+1::clap:

@J805 you need to pick loop and autoplay and leave active empty, here is a screenshot:

I know, the long scrolling is a bit of a headache, but I will check what I can do for the next version, ok? :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Yeah the long scrolling is probably the biggest stopper from me using this at the moment. I will keep the subscription in hope of a future update though. :blush:

Hey, I couldn’t find your plugin?

Great !!! :ok_hand:t2::fire:

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It’s this one:

Totally recommend buying this one. I already did! :blush:

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Hey @gindele91

I am getting a error, seems like the jscomp library is not defined.


Hi @shawnmi6 - its a known bubble bug --> Error ‘$jscomp is not defined’ When Publishing Plugin

I will look into it and publish a new version :+1:

@shawnmi6 i just published a new version, can you update the plugin and retry?

@gindele91 I think you forgot to add the icon path for your fetch request

Can you check in your project if you have picked an icon? If so, then try changing it

@gindele91 yup works now. Needed a good refresh after the plugin update. Quick question, how are you changing the fill color of the lottie json files ?

That was quite a challenge i tell you :sweat_smile: You need to change the json to a string, then find every occurence of the color you´d like to change and then replace it. Here is a link that helped me a lot:

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Great job!

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@J805 I checked if there is an easier way of searching through the icons instead of the dropdown with the long scrolling but unfortunately there is no alternative in the plugin builder by now…as soon as there is a way to make this i will :+1:

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