Animation single card in repeating group

Hi guys! I have a question for you: Is it possible to animate a single card inside a Repeating group(RG) ? I explain better the issue: I have a RG with 6 card (300 x300) as shown in screenshot and I’ll want to animate the card1, then card2, then card3…

I should recreate this worflow:

Someone know how to do it?

Thank for any suggestions! :slight_smile:

You could use the the free plugin called “orchestra” which is a plugin that lets you trigger workflows in repeating group cells from outside the cell if you want this to trigger for an individual cell in a repeating group and not all of the cells at the same time. Otherwise your workflow looks fine.

Thank you very much!! I try it! thanks again!

I tried to use the plugin but I not able to work what I want.
I Attach the screenshots of the passages that I done(color border–> repeating group, dotted border → card Color inside in Repeating group):

What can I have done wrong?

Thanks… :pray: :pray:

I’ve solved!! olè!!! An thank for your suggestions!! I was wrong in making “When page is loaded”…instead If I use an other start point for this workflow, Orchestra work very well:"