Announcement: We're launching an online Bubble Community to enable Bubblers to meet over webcam

Big News!! I’m announcing the launch of an online Bubble Group on Meetaway! Meetaway is built on Bubble and brings groups of people together for conversations over webcam. In other words, we hope to help you meet other Bubblers for short 1:1 video calls so you can connect with other Bubblers to share insights, build relationships, and generally help one another …all from the comfort of your own home or office.

We’ll run online events called meetaways for members of the Bubble Group where we’ll match attendees for a series of 1:1 conversations over webcam. So, when you show up for an hour, you’ll meet 4-6 other Bubblers over webcam, one person after the next. We expect this to be particularly useful for the Bubble community because so few of us live in cities with active Bubble meetups and, with Meetaway, we can bring people together for conversations across geographic boundaries.

We’re also bringing some of the most well know Bubblers in as speakers for our online events. Some upcoming speakers include:

We’re keeping the Bubble Group on Meetaway invite only to maintain a high member quality. If you’d like an invite, ask any of the group’s current members or request an invite here.

I’d also like to add one personal anecdote: I’ve personally met over 200 entrepreneurs in the last 6 months using Meetaway. Initially, my primary goal was simply to participate in our own events, but it’s taken on a new meaning in my life. I’m now connected to hundreds of other entrepreneurs who are going through similar challenges and are happy to help me out when I run into obstacles. Nearly every week I connect with 5+ entrepreneurs to help each other with our businesses. And, quite frankly, I can make smarter decisions faster with the insights and experience of a community of entrepreneurs. So, I’m super excited to get more Bubblers involved because I know so many of us run into similar challenges and there’s just so many ways where we’ll be able to help one another build more successful companies.


Interesting concept, so it’s not really a help-desk but more of a 1-1 round table? But I guess the Emmanuel AMA is a group thing? Definitely interested in that. Have loads of questions :wink:

I’ll have a closer look at meetaway anyway, like you say, connecting to ‘fellow’ entrepreneurs can be very valuable and fun!

Awesome! Can’t wait for the first event!

Requested. I’m a full stack node Dev and bootstrapped my SaaS platform to 6 figure profitability on bubble.

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I’m looking forward to it!:rocket:

hi @sridharan.s for those of us on the other side of the world, will you be recording the sessions if we are in the early hours of the morning?

:raised_hands: Congrats on the launch!

@sridharan.s Congrats, this is a fantastic initiative.

@sridharan.s This is a brilliant initiative !

I am sure most Bubblers will find this useful!

Thanks so much for the kind words everyone! I appreciate it.

@StevenM, to answer your question, most of our events won’t include a recording and are simply a group of people who are matched for a series of 1:1 conversations over webcam. For events with speakers, we typically record the speaker ahead of time. This eliminates the risk of bandwidth and technology issues for the speaker and it also enables attendees to watch the speaker right when they show up (no waiting for it to start and no missing parts because you’re a few mins later) and also watch at 2x speed if you prefer. For these events, we may look to re-run them at multiple times if there are people across the world who want to attend but can only do so at other times of the day.

We’re open to other ideas as well, and will likely experiment with a few approaches to see what works best for the community.

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Our first meetaway for Bubblers helping Bubblers is scheduled for tomorrow from 2-3pm Eastern. If you’re interested in attending, please request an invite for the group and then RSVP. You can do both from the Bubble Community page on Meetaway.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!

I want to thank everyone who showed up for our first Bubblers helping Bubblers Meetaway today! It’s great to meet so many of you face to face.

Our next event is in a month. After that, we’ll pick up the pace and run meetaways for the Bubble community every 2 weeks. Feel free to register anytime.

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Good to hear! Is it always going to be at the same time?

Currently, we’re planning to mix it up a bit at first and hopefully find one specific time / day of the week that generally works well for people. It’s nice to have the simplified logistics of a single day/time, but also don’t love the idea of precluding people who can’t ever attend at that specific time.

Open to other ideas too, of course. Want to make this as valuable as possible for the community.

I get that, the routine is good to have. It is a pretty complicated time of the day but nothing that can’t be planned once in a while :slight_smile:

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Just attended this today and it was truly awesome! Thanks @sridharan.s for hosting this, can’t wait till the next one!

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Congrats! Exciting to see fellow Bubblers launch their products.

I’ll have to check it out!

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This sounds like a terrific idea.

Just as a reminder, we’re having an online event for Bubblers this Thursday at 9pm Eastern. Here’s a link to register.

We’ve already got 10 people coming, including many of the leaders of the Bubble community. So, if you’re interested in meeting other Bubblers and building stronger relationships, then join the Bubble group on Meetaway and attend our events.

I hope to see you there!

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I’ll be there! Looking forward to it :slightly_smiling_face:

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